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Roblox Tc2 Flanker. the flankergame link https//wwwrobloxcom/games/328028363/TypicalColors2Songs in order Quincas Moreira Bunny HopScheming Weasel (faster version) –.

Welp Finished My Flanker Fanart I Guess Typicalcolors2 roblox tc2 flanker
Welp Finished My Flanker Fanart I Guess Typicalcolors2 from

“Hey fatty cakes get a new hobby!”―Flanker The Burger Boy is a cosmetic for the Flanker it is available in the Fitten Co Cosmetic Crate 4 It is a teamcolored visor with a Cheezburger emblem on it When worn Flanker will wear a teamcolored shirt with the same burger logo on the front (above some large text blaring “BURGERS”) and arms over a white long sleeved shirt His belt is.

Roblox TC2 Flanker as Pico! [Friday Night Funkin'] [Mods]

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Cosmetics are customization alternatives to make your character more unique and makes you stand out from the group but don’t contribute any ingame benefits Cosmetics are obtained from cosmetic crates which can be bought in the shop for 100 funds although some cosmetics are also available in the shop for a higher value (usually 100 to 200 funds) There is a 3% chance to.

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A quick message Hi I’m the current admin of another TC2 wikia I wanted to say sorry for what happened here A while back I tried to get incontact with an admin here to merge our community together but they has since abandoned this wiki for ages I’m here to reinform you that yes there is another typical colors 2 wikia one that is a lot more polished and are currently being worked.

Welp Finished My Flanker Fanart I Guess Typicalcolors2

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This is an unofficial fanmade wiki for the ROBLOX game Typical Colors 2 a classbased shooter based off Valve’s Team Fortress 2 containing reworked weaponry classes maps and game modes both from the original game and ROLVe’s designs Use the header tabs and the search bar on the top of this page to locate a specific article or click on.