How To Make Aesthetic Shirts In Roblox Mobile Tutorial Youtube

How To Make Aesthetic Shirts In Roblox Mobile Tutorial Youtube. Roblox Matching Outfits Group ツ Matching Outfits ツ Is A ©2022 roblox corporation roblox the roblox logo and powering imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the us and other countries ♡in this video i try explaining how to make cute shirts for roblox on pixlr i’m super sorry if it’s confusing i’m a very chaotic person.

How To Make Aesthetic Shirts On Roblox Super Easy Youtube how to make aesthetic shirts in roblox mobile tutorial youtube
How To Make Aesthetic Shirts On Roblox Super Easy Youtube from

Set the Canvas Size As noted earlier a surface GUI takes up one full surface of a part In this example it’s located on the front surface of the part which is the default for all new surface GUIs Depending on which surface of the part the GUI is placed on it’s smart to set the canvas size to the same proportions Since the part is 8 studs across and 4 studs high the front surface.

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New updated vid youtube xg l hbvz2mshowing everyone how to make clothing in robloxroblox shirt template wikiroblox images 5 51 transpa How’s it going guys sharkblox heremaking my real life clothes into roblox ones for free! i also got a stupid warning in this video lol! (face reveal) htt.

How To Make Aesthetic Shirts On Roblox Super Easy Youtube

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